Meeting my imaginary friends

I am coming over to work at my lovely friends for the season. The problem is that I have to say goodbye to all my imaginary friends. I daren't tell them about my new imaginary friends in case they get jealous or angry. My imaginary girlfriend has just finished shooting a multi million dollar film and wants me to spend a couple of months with her on her yacht in the Sychelles but I have been invited to stay with my new imaginary girlfriend in the Uk at her stately home with all her friends. Posh said it doesn't matter how David feels about me sharing their countryside abode as he is away. What should one do. Should I stay or should I go now! If I stay there will be trouble but if I go they will be double. Help I need somebody.......
When will your big day start and end: 
Friday, March 29, 2013 - 18:30 to Monday, September 30, 2013 - 18:30
Where is your big day at: 
aysgarth Falls Hotel
United Kingdom
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